T3: Annotating PDFs and Word Documents Online

Suddenly find yourself needing to read everything online? Learn how to take notes on PDFs or other files.

Google Drive:
You can use the commenting feature in Google Drive to highlight and comment on Microsoft Word documents and on PDFs. You can also share these files with others who can comment on them as well.

When you leave a comment on Microsoft Office files, the comments will still appear when you open the file in Microsoft Office. Comments you make on PDFs will show up in some PDF reader apps, but not all.

1. Make sure you have uploaded the file to your Google Drive.
2. Double-click the PDF or Microsoft Office file you want to comment on.
3. At the top right, click Add comment (the conversation bubble with the plus sign inside).
4. Highlight the section of the PDF or click the text, cell, or section of the Office file you want to comment on.
5. Enter your comment and click Comment.

Adobe Acrobat:
Use this program to comment on PDFs. You can view a video from LinkedIn Learning about how to do this in three different Adobe Acrobat versions.

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