Poems for Liberty (New Stuff Tuesdays)

Title Book Cover
Title Book Cover

The Archives & Area Research Center received the Dougan Farm Collection, a gift from Jackie Dougan Jackson, in July 2018. The collection documents the activities and history of a family farm and dairy near Beloit, Wisconsin. The farm also had a unique feature, a round barn. Jackie Jackson has authored four books on the her family’s dairy business and life growing up on a farm.

This fall, Jackie donated a collection of her poetry to the Archives. She is a prolific writer and regularly submits poetry for publication to the Illinois Times newspaper. Every year, she creates a booklet that contains a compilation of that year’s published poems. The whimsical cover designs feature an iconic painting with Jackie’s head superimposed on the head of the subject. The collection includes her poetry books from 2008-2018. Stop by the Archives Reading Room on the 1st floor to see these unique items!

Poems for Liberty
by Jacqueline Dougan Jackson
Archives & Area Research Cener, 1st Floor

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