New Stuff Tuesday – May 8

It’s that time of the week again… New Stuff Tuesday! This week it’s all about people and our social nature.

How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature

How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature

Mark Earls
HF5415.123 .E37 2007
New Book Island, 2nd floor

This intriguing book, written by a leading thinker in consumer behavior, covers a whole lot of ground. Although this book centers around the principle of mass behavior and its effects on advertising and marketing, it quickly moves from the idea of the group versus individual mentality to the keys of “herd marketing,” such as interaction, influence, and letting go. What’s great about the book is the use of real-world examples as illustrations, like urinal etiquette to describe unspoken rules about choosing the correct point of relief, if you will. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

The Relational Revolution in Psychology

This Changes Everything:
The Relational Revolution in Psychology

Christina Robb
HM1106 .R63 2007
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Christina Robb, former Boston Globe reporter & Pultizer Prize winner, delves into relational psychology and the women who causes this fundamental shift in thinking. This pioneering group — Carol Gilligan, Jean Baker Miller & Judith Lewis Herman — asserted that relationships serve ad the foundation for our psychological wellbeing, not the Freudain camp’s Sense of Self. This provides the “missing link between feminist politics and female reality.” (Jennifer Baumgardner). So did it really change everything? Find out for yourself.

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3 Responses to New Stuff Tuesday – May 8

  1. Ronna says:

    Where’s the New Book Island?

  2. Ronna says:

    Do you have any books to read for fun? I’m sure these new books are interesting and everything, but I’d rather read a good mystery.

  3. kyle says:

    Great questions, Ronna.

    1) The New Book Island is located on the second floor, near the law reference collection. When entering the library, walk straight back. The first collection of stacks to the right is the McNaughton Collection (more on that in a second). The second collection is the New Book Island – these books have blue stickers to distinguish them from the other collections.

    2) If you’re looking for books for fun, we have the McNaughton Collection, located next to the New Book Island. The McNaughton (Leisure) Collection features current, popular books, like bestsellers. You can browse the collection for mysteries, romances, suspense thrillers, you name it, it’s covered. You can also search the catalog for specific titles. Of course, don’t forget that we also have mysteries in the Main Collection on the third floor!

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