New Batch of Books & Media for Sale

The Andersen Library’s newly refreshed book sale for December 2019-January 2020 includes not only books, but media too.

The books cover such subject areas as biographies, sciences, education, and teaching, plus a smattering of titles in other areas. They are for sale at the low low price of $1 each.

The media are primarily DVDs, but there is one VHS tape, one album, and about 20 CDs. The DVDs are mostly popular movies from the last 100 years or so, as well as a few documentaries. There are comedies, dramas, musicals, romances, science fiction, westerns, and more. The CDs cover a variety of musical genres, All these media items are quite a steal at $1 each. Please note: A single DVD will be $1 and a set of three DVDs will be $3.

The $1 price runs for most of December, but December 25-January 16, 2019 the price goes down to $.25 each.

About Martha

Martha is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and the liaison to the Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Languages and Literatures, Mathematics, and Physics Departments
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