Just What The Doctor Ordered

Flu season is on its way, but do you know what else is? This semester’s Career Fair on October 2nd.

Don’t worry you don’t have to get any shots or anything to prepare for the Career Fair, but what you should do is get your resumé checked out before you show it to potential employers. That’s exactly what over 55 students did this past week here in Andersen Library at the Resume Doctor event facilitated by Career Leadership & Development (CLD).

September 24th through the 26th (from 12-4pm) students were able to walk right in and get their resumés and portfolios looked over by the CLD experts. The best part is that these extensive “check-ups” were free of charge!

Did you miss your appointment with the Resume Doctor? You can always make an appointment with a staff member at the Career and Leadership Development office to get your resumé reviewed.

To make an appointment just call (262)-472-1471 or visit UC 146.

Keep your resumés healthy Warhawks.  

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