T3: Closed Captioning on the Fly

If you need to quickly provide closed captioning for an audio source that is not currently captioned, you can use this Google Slides trick.

  1. Open a blank Google Slide. Here’s a link to get you started.
  2. In upper right of screen, Click Present button
  3. In lower menu which appears when you hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen, click CC
  4. Allow microphone
  5. Start talking, play the video/audio, etc

This trick also works with a split screen, with a Google Slide on one side and a YouTube video on the other.


Note: This does not replace the need to close caption videos that you will be showing in a classroom setting as this only works as well as speech recognition can be–that is not well enough! But, it can be used to jump-start your own captioning of a video, presentation, or lecture.

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