Blind Date with a Book: The Affection for Reading

Love was in the air and new relationships were on the cusp with “Blind Date with a Book” here at the Andersen Library earlier this month. Caught up in an abundance of emotions following the conclusion of another Valentine’s Day, library-goers were encouraged to actively participate in the Andersen Library’s own blind dating event, but unlike standard blind-date procedures, there was a twist; the dates were books. Wrapped tightly in brown paper, the books sat patiently, waiting to be chosen. Members of the UW-W Order of the Soaring Warhawks warmly emboldened individuals to step up and welcome their destiny. The packages were examined carefully, before a decision was made. The lucky book was picked; the brown paper torn off quickly, anticipation setting in, and then initial judgement could be made. Was this book the one? Could this be the match that they didn’t know they were missing?

For those that experienced love at first sight, the pair was able to remain together, following standard check out procedures of course. Others, recognizing that there was only the chance of a short-term relationship, were able to determine whether they decided to give it a chance or leave it behind. In an attempt to spread the love beyond the Andersen Library, regardless of the final verdict of the book, all reviews and responses were entered into a drawing to win a pair of meal deal tickets to the Cinemas of Whitewater. Although there were some that couldn’t foresee a relationship and inevitably decided to leave their dates behind, there is always the promise of new stories that could be the one.

The love that can be found in a good book lives here in the Andersen Library. You never know, the book you pick up on a whim could end up being the one. Blind Date with A Book proved that!


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