Young Adults Read — One of Us Is Lying

We are injected into the lives of four students who are unjustly called to detention in One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus. These four students could not be more different: A “know it all”, a “bad boy”, the jock and the homecoming queen come together in detention for having a cell phone on them during their infamous biology class lead by the notoriously cranky Mr. Avery. Told from all four perspectives, it is clear that each of these students have been framed, but by who and for what reason?

Simon is also in detention, which makes 5 total students and 1 teacher. He is the schools main source of news and gossip. Simon knows everything that is happening to everyone at at all times in Bayview High. His gossip app is popular and everyday the students of Bayview find out deep, personal secrets about their classmates.
The five students and Mr. Avery begin their detention session, all five students trying to figure out why they are there when a car crash happens right outside the window and Simon drops to the floor. Bronwyn the smart girl, Nate the bad boy, Cooper the jock and Addy the pretty one, are blindsided by what happens next as all four students are interrogated for the death of Simon Kelleher.

This young adult novel takes jumps in time as it switches in from one main character to the next, however, it is an easy read as McManus flawlessly separates each character’s point-of-view. As the “who done it” continues the reader explores social norm issues and the weight of society on students.

About Casey Foster

Casey is a Senior here at UW- Whitewater majoring in English Secondary Education and working towards a minor in English as a Second Language. She is a new addition to the reference desk as one of the student assistants working the p.m shifts. You can also find her at the circulation desk on Tuesday and Thursdays. She loves to read Young Adult Fiction as this is what she will be teaching one day.
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    This sounds like a fun read for a grey weekend!

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    I second that!

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