National Poetry Month (April)

Celebrate National Poetry Month, an annual observance started by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Read some poetry, write some, and give poems away (especially on April 30th, aka Poem In Your Pocket Day).

Where, oh where, can one find poetry?!

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1 Response to National Poetry Month (April)

  1. Infovoyeur says:

    Great; poetry is perhaps “prose on steroids,” probably “more intensity from writer, in language, for reader.” But heck tooo much “poetry” today lacks FOCUSED FORM, also SUAVE SHOWING (as against Tired Telling)….. [1.] FORM: I don’t mean str8jakkit of “sonnet” etc. I mean some rhythm if not rhime, and gosh, line-breaks please! also called “enjambment.” Whereas toooo much “poetry” today is just prose runnnning out on the page in a diluted blob of blurb, and choppppped uup into “lines” when the page margin arrives? BETTER is “use each line as a unit, brake/break-point, & pivot.” ….. And [2.] SUAVE SHOWING: toooo often poetry is just Diluted Daily Diary “this happened and I feel this way ohh” (see a social svc. agency please). BETTER is “create a little story that we read, experience, and wow we believe.” ….. Here is a poem (not mein) I quote from memory. “HE” He / has never called me or written. // My mother dials the telephone and says, / “Here he is.” [{( BINGO……. )}] A Verse A Day Is Not Adverse…

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