Young Adults Read — Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles all the Way Down
For all you John Green fans, his new book, Turtles All The Way Down, is here!
For those of you who are not yet fans or have never read John Green, this one is a great starter to his descriptive and enticing writing style.

In this easy-to-read novel, Aza, the main character, and her best friend Daisy are two high school girls wondering the same thing every high-schooler is wondering, What’s next? And, How do I (we) get there? In the midst of these anxieties, Davis Pickett, long ago friend of Aza’s and super rich kid, goes through more family drama as his dad, Russell Pickett, businessman extraordinaire, vanishes out of thin air. Officials speculate that Mr. Pickett flees due to a business transaction gone wrong. This sends the entire town into a frenzy and town officials begin offering prize money to anyone holding hard evidence on the whereabouts of Russell Pickett.

Daisy, being the leader of most all plans, convinces Aza that there is a chance they can find Russell Pickett by chatting with Davis, his son. Aza, while slowly becoming entrapped by the excitement of the hunt for Mr. Pickett, begins to remember why her and Davis used to be such good friends when they were younger…Can you sense the romance?

Throughout this whole endeavor, Aza suffers from invasives, ideas that take over her entire thought process. She becomes enveloped in the downward spiral that is herself and struggles to find the cure for her thought infected mind.

About Casey Foster

Casey is a Senior here at UW- Whitewater majoring in English Secondary Education and working towards a minor in English as a Second Language. She is a new addition to the reference desk as one of the student assistants working the p.m shifts. You can also find her at the circulation desk on Tuesday and Thursdays. She loves to read Young Adult Fiction as this is what she will be teaching one day.
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