The 3 S’s of Climate Change: Simple, Serious & Solvable

Dr. A. Scott Denning will talk about “The 3 S’s of Climate Change: Simple, Serious & Solvable” on Mon., Nov. 27, 2017, at 7pm in the Irvin L. Young Auditorium. It’s part of the Contemporary Issues Lecture Series sponsored by the College of Letters and Sciences!

Dr. Denning, Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, also serves as Director of Education, Outreach and Diversity for the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, which encourages “internet in the Atmospheric Sciences fro primary grades through graduate work and internships while promoting diversity.”

You may be able to learn more with Andersen Library resources! For example, search databases such as ScienceDirect to find articles he has written or co-authored, such as “When the long run matters: The joint effect of carbon decay and discounting” (Climatic Change, 2015, vol.129:no.1-2, pp.57-72, doi:10.1007/s10584-014-1321-y), “Interactions between the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems: Influence on weather and climate” (Global Change Biology, 1998, vol.4:no.5, pp.461-475), “Iconic C02 time series at risk” (Science, 2012, vol.337:no.6098, pp.1038-1040, doi:10.1126/science.337.6098.1038-b), and “Africa and the global carbon cycle” (Carbon Balance & Management, 2007, vol.2, pp.3-13, doi:10.1186/1750-0680-2-3).

If you’d like assistance with finding additional information, please ask a librarian (choose chat or email, phone 262-472-1032, or visit the Reference Desk).

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