New Stuff Tuesday – August 8, 2017

Bikes vs Cars

Bikes vs Cars
Written and directed by Fredrik Gertten
Browsing DVD HE 5736 .B55 2016
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

One glance at just about any large city anywhere will tell you that cities are built around the automobile. College campuses, on the other hand, often appear to be designed with pedestrians and bicyclists in mind. Although UWW isn’t exactly a bicycle mecca, nearly every campus building has bicycle parking available, while residence halls offer covered bike parking and bike lockers.

Bicycle vs Cars is a documentary about the great divide between bicycles and cars when it comes to urban planning. The filmmakers travel around the globe to witness the efforts of bicycle advocates in their mission to make cities bicycle-friendly while clashing with corporate interests whose profits are driven by the automobile culture.

Although Wisconsin is in no danger of jettisoning the automobile, it’s nice that even smaller communities like Whitewater are making strides to become cycling-friendly with bicycle lanes and paths sprinkled about town.

Here’s an interview with the filmmaker if you’re interested in learning more about his bicycle activism.

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1 Response to New Stuff Tuesday – August 8, 2017

  1. Infovoyeur says:

    “The car is in the shop, can you use your bike to get us groceries? “Sure, no problem”

    [–Helmet on, and he’s off… First leg is uphill, great exercise, no need for gym today… Street closed for repair, heck, just detour windingly through the Park… And a traffic jam, well, filter carefully through the non-moving cars–nicely-done… The chain needs lubricant, well, much less costly than an Oil Change… Arrive at grocery, “as usual NO parking problem!”… Place purchases in front and rear baskets (recalling the time he delivered 25 lbs. bananas to the Food Pantry, brought back 20 lbs. of onions…). Return by a more-scenic route and the off-road bike trail, a traffic-free space of its own…Arrive back quite refreshed indeed, as always…]

    “Ah, you’re back. Thanks for doing this. How was the bike ride?” “Oh, fine, no problem.”

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