Tornadoes and Other Severe Weather

Wisconsin’s Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 17-21, 2017, and the State will conduct a tornado drill on Thurs., Apr. 20. What should you know? ReadyWisconsin, an initiative of Wisconsin Emergency Management, can help! Here are links to some of the informational web pages it provides:
web page from National Weather Service

EVERYONE should be prepared in the event of severe weather. It could save your life! Information distributed by the campus Police reported that

  • “Last year in Wisconsin, six people were killed as a result of flooding.”
  • “In an average year, lightning kills nearly 50 people in the U.S. Since 2005, lightning has killed eight people and injured at least 30 in Wisconsin.”
  • “Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes per year…” “peak tornado season in Wisconsin is April to August…” and tornadoes “can occur any time during day or night, but are most frequent between 4 pm and 9 pm.”

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