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Elvis Style book jacket

Elvis Style: from zoot suits to jumpsuits
by Zoey Goto
ML420.P96 G68 2016
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Everybody has heard at least a few of his swoon-worthy ballads or pop tunes that epitomize the ‘60s for many, but how many of us recognize the ongoing influence Elvis had on clothing, hair and more?

This visual feast of a book is a tour through some of the star’s most signature accessories: the pompadour hairdo; white or gold jumpsuits with incredibly detailed sequins, embroidery, or other embellishment for the stage; his favorite peanut-butter and banana sandwich; his many Cadillacs. It also includes some quirky, less-known details: the gaudy jewelry he often gave away to his inner circle and to random fans alike, often embellished with his name or slogans like TLC (tender loving care) or TCB (taking care of business, a personal motto he and Priscilla created); personalization on everything from silk scarves to wristwatches; items from around Graceland that show an either lifelong or passing fascination with karate, law enforcement, guns, western and Native American motifs, and more.
an example of Elvis's jewelry
a pair of Elvis's sequined pants

Performers, clothing designers, and everyday people today still are influenced by Elvis’s fashion and style trendsetting. If you’ve ever sneered at or admired men wearing bubble-gum pink or other gaudy colors, David Bowie rocking an outlandish jumpsuit on stage, men wearing Hawaiian shirts to demonstrate carefree leisure, and many other small details, now you know who can receive at least some of the credit!

If all this is making you miss the oldies, watch this to see some of the King in all his soulful, sequined, pop-collared, hip-swiveling glory: [youtube][/youtube]

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