Bison: Our National Mammal

President Obama signed Public Law 114-152, the National Bison Legacy Act, on Monday, May 9, designating the bison as our official national mammal. Among the many organizations supporting the legislation were:

  • The InterTribal Buffalo Council – Its mission is “Restoring buffalo to the Indian Country, to preserve our historical, cultural, traditional and spiritual relationship for future generations.”
  • The American Bison Society – This group was originally established in 1905 after the incredible bison slaughter of of the 1800’s.

You can read more about the legislation from

Cover of American Bison bookYou can learn more about bison using Andersen Library resources, such as the books American bison: A natural history (3rd-floor Main Collection, QL737.U53 L68 2002, or online via ebrary) and The hunting of the buffalo (3rd-floor Main Collection, SK297 .B7 1962 or preview via Google Books). The U.S. Dept. of the Interior, which displays a male buffalo on its departmental seal, provides “15 facts about our national mammal: The American bison” online. Articles may be found using Library databases, such as “Conservation genetics and North American bison (Bison bison)” (The Journal of Heredity, 2009, vol.100:no.4, pp.411-420. doi:10.1093/jhered/esp024). Historical information about “The range of the bison in Wisconsin” (Transactions. of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, 1937, vol.30, pp. 117-130) has been digitized and posted online.

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2 Responses to Bison: Our National Mammal

  1. Matt Maldre says:

    All hail the bison!

  2. Kate says:

    How wonderful! After the tragedy that needless slaughter brought them in the past, it is good to see these majestic animals being revered today. Now, if only we could be as mindful of other wildlife, both big and small, who are loosing their habitats, too, and do what we can to preserve their natural homes and ways of life.

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