New Stuff Tuesday – March 22, 2016

Yoga Anamtomy

Yoga Anatomy
by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
RA781.7 .K356 2012
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Spring break is the time to give the brain a different kind of cerebral workout than, perhaps, the regular semester grind offers. The New Arrivals shelves offers a number of items that might help make the transition. While not a “how-to” book, Yoga Anatomy is a reference guide which provides illustrations of the muscles and movements employed during yoga practice. Browse the New Arrivals shelves and next to it you’ll find the classic Light on Yoga – not for the beginning yoga attempt or faint of heart. If the idea of yoga intrigues, but these selections are beyond your current experience, try the Research@UWW virtual browse option. Scrolling to the left and right will allow you to view other items with similar call numbers, and which may be located in the Main, Oversize, or Browsing Collections.

Research at UWW Virtual Browse feature

If you are ready for a deep lunge into the research of yoga and psychology, search yoga AND (brain OR psych*) in Research@UWW.

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  1. Infovoyeur says:

    Well okay except but MY anatomy inside’s dont look ANY thing like the book cover, I know because of my bodily skanner image at the Air Port of whitsch I have a Hard Copy of. So Yogah wouldnt work for me excerpt maybe I could still get virtual on-line credit if I just MEMorize the “mussels and movements employed” during yoga without having to sullie the Spirit in the sweaty materialistic Gym etc. by actually DOing it. Thats more Oriental [oops sari, “Asian”] anyhow. It’d be “light on Yoghurt no thats “lite” which is lo-fat Greek anyhow whitch gets two regions in, which satisfies the voracious demands for Versity! at the University. Now for the “Flying Swan” move, ouch I just knew I

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