Featured Resource: Artemis Primary Sources

logo for Gale Artemis database

The Artemis Primary Source interface is a tool that can be used to search across databases that contain historical newspaper and other periodicals. The collections Artemis searches include the 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection, British Newspapers 1600-1950, Eighteenth Century Collection Online, Nineteenth Century Collection Online, Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers, and The Times (London) Digital Archive. Previously, searching these databases would have to be done separately. The collections are capable of being searched individually, across all or only certain ones now. Like any good historical database, the ability to search for various works by date of publication is an option. A user can also search by types of works published in a newspaper. For example, a user could limit the search to just advertisements if they wanted to find historical ads from a business that they were researching.

screen shot of the search interface from Artemis with results limited to advertisements from Newspapers about the Ford Motor Company.

Another built in feature to Artemis is the Term Frequency visualizer. This tool will chart how frequently a user’s search term is represented in the results. So, if a user were researching a term from pop culture like “rock ‘n’ roll”, they could see the rise and fall of this term being used in various articles. Artemis primary sources serves as an easy to navigate tool, filled with a wealth of interesting stories from days gone past.

screen shot of a chart which show how frequently the phrase rock n roll is used in publications from Artemis.

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