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In the world of constant moving from place to place, whether it’s from your dorm to the classroom or from the house to the office, we spend a lot of time traveling. For some, the commute is as short as ten minutes, while others take an hour to get where they need to go (don’t even get me started on the supercommuters). The back-and-forth eats up a sizable chunk of our day.

What if you could expand your horizons while you go about the daily grind? Have you tried multitasking? I don’t recommend putting on make-up or talking on your cell phone while driving, but listening to an audiobook isn’t bad, right? The Library is the place to go for filling the void that is commuting. We have plenty of popular titles available on CD, and we just got more in MP3-CD format (information about the format and what it means for you). For your convenience, below are catalog searches for locating our audiobooks.

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I'm the library guy. No, seriously, I'm the only male reference & instruction librarian. I also have the pleasure of serving several campus committees, the Academic Staff Assembly and the Chancellor's Task Force on LGBT Issues, among others.
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