States ranked for personality traits

I read something recently that claimed North Dakota was ranked first among the 50 states for having the most agreeable people. Huh. I decided this was research I had to find, since I was curious about how Wisconsin fared. You can read it too, and see how the states are ranked for the extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness of their citizens. Wisconsin, by the way, was ranked 5th for agreeableness and 2nd for extraversion.

journal cover imageThis research is explained and reported in the article:
Rentfrow, P. J., Gosling, S. D., & Potter, J. (2008). A theory of the emergence, persistence, and expression of geographic variation in psychological characteristics. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 3(5), 339-369.

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2 Responses to States ranked for personality traits

  1. pfra says:

    What! NY not an agreeable state!! What a load of…..This study is bunk.

  2. Chester Kartoffelkopfe, flaneur says:

    Wow I looked over the entire 30-page artikal. Wow this is heavy academic research. Deep. In fact piled high and deep (Ph.D). Well no, it is elegantly conscientious. “Good chap I call this really ingenius” as Gattling-Fenn said (he British). Heck gets them AP or Academic Pointz any how. You like HRCTPM, “hired, rehired, converted to tenure track, tenured, promoted, merit-paid.” But heck Common Sense could tell you as much. North Dakota has to be friendly, they freeze to dearth otherwise. And New York Manhattan “you talking to me” we all know about them. I could say moar about our staits from my wisdom but I gotta go promenade….. Haste la vistata! CHESTER

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