Confederate flag controversy

Would you like to learn more about the controversy over the flag of the Confederacy? Andersen Library can help!

Search Research@UWW to find books such as Colors and blood: Flag passions of the Confederate South, Confederate Symbols in the Contemporary South, and The Confederate battle flag: America’s most embattled emblem, which UWW students and staff may borrow from another UW campus library by using the free UW Request feature in Research@UWW. Requested items arrive in 2-5 weekdays.

Search article databases to find that articles are available as well, such as “Old times there are best forgotten: The future of Confederate symbolism in the South” (Callaloo, 2001, vol.24:no.1, pp.32-37), “Rebel redemption redux” (Dissent, vol.48:no.1, pp.70-77), and “Silencing The Rebel Yell: Exceptions To The First Amendment After Defoe Ex Rel. Defoe V. Spiva, 625 F.3D 324 (6th Cir. 2010)” (Southern Illinois University Law Journal, 2013, vol.37:no.2, pp.465-485). You may want to search the Ethnic NewsWatch database, to find articles such as “Confederate flag license: A symbol of terrorism vs. free speech” (Afro-American, 5 Star edition, 2015:Mar 28, pp.A1,A3), in addition to consuming mainstream media offerings on the topic.

If you’d like assistance with finding additional materials, please ask a librarian.

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