Friday Fun: Find that World Heritage Site!

OK, we could all use a little Friday fun, and this will still exercise our brains a little too. The History Channel has a games page, and one in the “Trivia Quizzes” category is “Mankind: World Heritage Destinations.” Select either beginner or expert level, and you will be presented with names of 5 World Heritage Sites, one at a time, from the total list of 950 sites. For each one, place your pin on the map where you think it is located. Then the game shows you where your pin should have gone and awards points, based on how far away you were. If you’re really, really, far off it asks if you were making a wild guess (or so someone told me). And by the way, don’t dither or you run out of time! If you earn at least 10,000 points you advance to another level. You can also click to learn more about any or all of the Sites.

Screen shot of World Heritage Sites gameGood luck!

Curious and want to learn more? UNESCO provides a World Heritage List by country. You can click on the Sites on the list to get more information about them. You also can search the Library’s databases for resources like the article “Analysis of international tourist arrivals worldwide: The role of world heritage sites” (Tourism Management, 2014, vol.16:no.1, pp.20-34) and “Maintaining authenticity and integrity at cultural World Heritage Sites” (Geographical Review, 2010, vol.100:no.1, pp.56-73).

Please ask a librarian if you would like assistance with finding additional materials.

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