Research@UWW – simplifying your research discoveries

Research@UWW is a discovery tool that allows you to search for “everything” — books, articles, and digital items available both locally and from other UW campus libraries — at once. It casts a very broad net, brings back results sorted by relevancy, and then lets you use various options to filter the results by date, resource type, etc. It may help you discover things you would have missed by searching only particular article databases.

You don’t have to search everything, though:

  • Search only for articles by choosing “Articles
  • Search only Andersen Library books, ebooks, government publications, videos, sound recordings, video games, etc. by choosing “Books, Media and more (UW Whitewater, i.e., Harold Andersen Library’s catalog)” — Please note, however, that you may see other UW campuses if they also have copies of items in Andersen Library’s collections.
  • Choose to search all UW System campus libraries‘ catalogs for books, government publications, audiovisuals, etc. — Please note that UWW students and staff may request returnable items (books, DVDs) from other UW libraries for free, and they will arrive at Andersen Library in 2-5 weekdays.

Give it a try! Searching tips:

  • Sign in (in the top right corner) with your UWW Net-ID to see complete results–especially important when working from off campus
  • Put phrases in quotes, e.g., “death penalty”
  • Use connectors like AND) in uppercase, e.g., “global warming” AND “weather patterns”
  • Use * for truncating search words, e.g., child* will retrieve children, childhood, childbearing, child’s, etc.
  • Start with simple keyword searches
  • Looking for a particular title? Put it in “” and, if the result list is long, change “anywhere in the record” to “in the title”
  • Searching for a person’s name will retrieve items both by and about that person, so if the result list is long or you really want only one or the other, change “anywhere in the record” to “as author/creator” or “in subject”

Working with your results:

  • Click “View Online” when it appears to see full text online. Remember, however, that ebooks are usually available only to students and staff at the owning campus.
  • Click “Locations” to see which campuses own copies of an item.
  • Click “Details” for additional information, such as abstracts of articles, tables of contents of books, subject headings, length, etc.
  • Click “Request” (and sign in –at the top right– with your UWW Net-ID) to have books, DVDs, or CDs at other UW libraries sent to Andersen Library for free (arrival in 2-5 weekdays).
  • Clicking on the Locations, Details, or Request tabs will provide an option to select “Actions” including printing or emailing the record for the item, or getting a Permalink to it.
  • Use options on the left side of the results display to narrow down results by date or other criteria.

Questions about using Research@UWW? Ask a librarian!

About Barbara

I am a Reference & Instruction librarian, head of that department in Andersen Library, an associate professor, and a member of the General Education Review Committee and Faculty Senate. I've been working at UW-W since July 1, 1990.
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