Keep Up With Congress: CQ Weekly

CQ Weekly is a weekly magazine devoted to all things related to the activities of the U.S. Congress (its subtitle is “Congressional Quarterly’s Magazine on Government, Commerce, and Politics”). Get a recap of major actions of the past week, an analysis of major issues currently under consideration or coming up soon, roll-call votes, news about the latest political skirmishes, etc. It’s addicting! Keep up with Congress by reading a new issue every Monday.

How to use it:
The home page features the contents of the latest issue (click on the titles that you want to read). Use the options on the left side to browse other issues (click the “Read Recent Issues” drop-down and select a date), or search for articles or floor votes by keyword(s), topic or date. The advanced search allows a number of options including specifying committees, searching by bill numbers, and changing the way results are ordered. You can set up an account and save searches or create automatic email alerts (start by setting up your profile–another option on the left-side margin).

How far back does it go?
UWW students and faculty/staff have access to articles from this respected publication online starting with October 1983. In the University Library’s Reference Collection is the annual summary volume, Congressional Quarterly Almanac, going back to 1959.

In addition, the Weekly is actually part of a suite of CQ databases available to the UWW community for political research. Go to CQ Electronic Library and search any or all of these components: CQ Weekly, CQ Researcher, CQ Congress Collection, CQ Public Affairs Collection, and CQ Voting and Elections Collection.

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