Stuffed Animals at the Library?

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On April 11, children and their favorite stuffed animals occupied the Andersen Library for the 2nd Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover.

The event kicked off with the children (helped by parents and volunteers) creating unique nametags for their animal best friends. Once the animals were properly accounted for, the children joined together in a few songs and story time.

All the singing and reading really got the stuffed animals tired! It was time for the stuffed animals to take their nap – so the children tucked them and headed on home.  Sometime later in the night, the stuffed animals woke to the library being completely empty. This was when all the late-night shenanigans could truly begin.

After sleeping for so long, the animals were starving. So they acted like all the college kids on campus and ordered a pizza from Toppers. We are still not sure how the pizza deliveryman reacted when he saw that stuffed animals were the ones who ordered!IMG_2402
Once they filled their bellies, the animals got together to play different games like Guitar Hero and Dominoes. This was fun for a while, but there were different parts of the library offering to be explored. Soon enough, the animals found themselves lost in a stack of books 10 times bigger than they were!

After reading, they ended the night by watching cartoons on the big screen TV. Once falling asleep again, the animals woke up in their owner’s arms the next day. Each child was fitted with their own booklet filled with camera footage of their stuffed best friend’s fun the night before!

After everything has been said and done, the Andersen Library staff would like to thank all the children participants and volunteers for another successful year of the Stuffed Animal Sleepover. We are already looking forward to next year!

-By Andrew E.

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  1. spudart says:

    Stuffed animals love to read books.

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