New Stuff Tuesday – November 27

A Critical Analysis

Paranormal Claims:
A Critical Analysis
Edited by Bryan Farha
BF1031 .P37 2007
New Book Island, 2nd floor

You might have heard through the grapevine about the books in the library that will supposedly make a person go crazy if the books are opened. I think it’s safe to say that although reading may cause headaches, nightmares or delusions, there isn’t a single book in the library that causes instant insanity. Of course, that depends on who you believe.

This week’s featured title might pique your interest if you’re into the ‘dark side’ of things or a fan of Mythbusters. Farha, a professor at Oklahoma City University and regular contributor to critical thinking periodicals like Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer, compiled a collection of readings on the topics that go beyond this world. The essays take a hard look at paranormal occurrences and the truth (or lack there of) behind them. Titles of works include “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection” and “Why Smart People Believe Weird Things” and claims of faith healing, alternative medicine, fortune-telling and more are explored.

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