Wall Street Journal, Where Are You??

image of newspapersLooking for the Wall Street Journal? Go to the Journal Holdings List (linked from the Library’s home page) and search for it…you probably want the Eastern Edition.

Click ABI/Inform and either search within this newspaper, or browse issues by date.

Do you need articles in a particular section of the paper? Alas, not searchable in the database! However, if you scroll down through the list of articles in a selected issue of the paper, when you get to the section C page numbers, e.g., C1, you’ve found the Money & Investing section, which some students have been requesting recently.

Or, go to the Wall Street Journal‘s web site. Click “Today’s Paper” and then click “Money & Investing.” You can copy the URL from this button and change the date portion if you want, e.g., use the url http://online.wsj.com/itp/20140226/us/moneyandinvesting for that section of the paper for February 26, 2014.

Here is a video showing how to find the WSJ. [youtube]http://youtu.be/j8uu8uZaEH4[/youtube]

If you have additional questions, please ask a librarian.

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