Driving Safely

It’s been winter for a while now, but it’s never too late to start driving more responsibly in response to weather and road conditions, and you’ve got plenty of time to practice since winter isn’t going away soon.

clip art of vehicle on snowy roadEven the magazine REALSIMPLE recently featured an article on driving in bad weather–an interview of a “pro driver for tips on staying in control while navigating winter roads.” You can read the brief interview via the MasterFILE Premier article database, or come into Andersen Library to read it. The article refers to the magazine’s web site for additional safe driving tips for bad weather.

More information about safe winter driving is available from the state Dept. of Transportation. Safercar.gov provides a Checklist and Tips for Safe Winter Driving document.

You also can get helpful books and articles by searching the Library’s catalog and databases, e.g., The complete winter sports safety manual: Staying safe and warm while snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and camping, with a special section on winter driving (3rd-floor Main Collection, GV841 .K74x 1997) and “How to prepare a car for winter” (Consumer Reports, 2013, vol.78:no.12, pp.10-11).

If you’d like assistance with finding additional materials, please ask a librarian.

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