New Stuff Tuesday – December 3, 2013

Child Ballads

Child Ballads
by Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer
POP Mit Chi
Browsing CDs, 2nd floor

The Child Ballads, a set of over 300 English and Scottish popular ballads collected by Francis James Child in the late nineteenth century, continue to provide inspiration to musicians around the world with their haunting melodies and lyrics that tell stories of knights, ladies, royalty, fairies, witches, and all manner of creatures. Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer, two American folk musicians, are the latest to record a collection of these ballads and draw upon past renditions of the ballads by Fairport Convention, Andy Irvine, Pentangle, and others. Mitchell and Hamer have created a beautiful, atmospheric album that showcases their unique voices and guitar playing. This music is very relaxing and would be a great accompaniment to a study session or a break from studying.

Andersen Library also has the five-volume set of the Child Ballads in print. Find it on the third floor in the Main Collection at PR1181.C5 1965.

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