December 2013 Book Sale

People were chomping at the bit this morning waiting to get the “good stuff” from this month’s book sale. The books are now out. This month the selection runs to about 75% fiction, including all types of titles, from contemporary fiction like Lilian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who Blew the Whistle (we actually have about 10 of her books this month) to older more classic titles. As for the nonfiction, it includes popular titles like Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, reference books, such as The American Heritage Dictionary (2nd College Edition), cook books, and large format art books suitable for the coffee table.

Some of the “good stuff” is of higher value than the usual, so a portion of the books are going for $2 instead of the typical $1 per volume. (Still a tremendous deal I think.) These include various and sundry volumes, mostly hard cover fiction and nonfiction, including English dictionaries and large format art books, to mention a few. These are marked with pink $2 flags. Unmarked books are $1 each.

We hope you find some books for yourself or to give your loved ones as gifts. Come and find some new treasures now!

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Martha is a Reference & Instruction Librarian and the liaison to the Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Languages and Literatures, Mathematics, and Physics Departments
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