Work Us Into Your Schedule

Time is money, right? So why waste it by spending hours researching and getting nowhere? That’s where the librarian comes into the picture. Hopefully you know that you can always come to the Reference Desk and ask for assistance, considering we drill that into your heads from the very beginning in New Student Seminar and English 102.

But did you know that you could also make an appointment with a librarian to get one-on-one attention specifically focusing on what YOU need? It’s getting to that time of year when you have research papers and group projects to work on and you might not have the slightest clue where to look. That’s the perfect opportunity to set up a time with the librarian in your subject area to get personalized help. Not sure who to talk to? Just contact the Reference Desk (either in person, by phone at 262.472.1032, or e-mail) and we can figure that out for you. Don’t be shy – librarians are good people.

About kyle

I'm the library guy. No, seriously, I'm the only male reference & instruction librarian. I also have the pleasure of serving several campus committees, the Academic Staff Assembly and the Chancellor's Task Force on LGBT Issues, among others.
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