Is Google Going Down?

Imagine your life without Google.

  • You would have to search the interwebs using some other search engine.
  • You wouldn’t have the discrete advertising to the right of your search results.
  • You might actually have to come into the library for help finding articles and scholarly information.

OMG! NOT THAT! Just kidding.

An article in this week’s Newsweek highlights the efforts of the search engine industry and their plots to steal market share from the Goog-liath of them all. Can these start-ups chip away at the behemoth’s stronghold on the search market? Google has the financial resources to squash any threatening competition, but does that matter? Do third-generation search engines like Quintura or Hakia even stand a chance? You might want to talk to Altavista about that one.

What do you think? Does anyone use Clusty or Squidoo? Where’s the best place to search?

Searching for the Best Engine from Newsweek (thanks to Ronna for the article)

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One Response to Is Google Going Down?

  1. Brian Beck says:

    Well, I ran a test. I dialed in to Quintura and Hakia and Clusty [which were all new to me], the terms “found poetry,” “double dactyl,” and another one [not identified here], and I DID find significant differences among them. So a thorough search on a subject might use these as well as Google.

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