New Stuff Tuesday – June 25


The Human Cost of Climate Change
by Andrew Guzman
QC903 .G895 2013
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Now that summer has arrived [finally], I can’t make it down to the SweetSpot and back without breaking a sweat. So when I got back from my slightly unpleasant daily walk, this week’s featured title jumped out at me for obvious reasons.

Guzman, law professor at University of California, Berkeley, offers his tale of the future if the scientists’ projection of a two degree Celsius rise in average global temperatures comes to fruition. It’s not just that we’re going to be feeling a little hotter. The world will be facing challenges not only on the environmental front, but also less-than-obvious social problems, such as famine and mass migrations to name a few. The author explores the dire consequences of climate change, as the competition for the basic human needs becomes increasingly fierce.

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