Summer Citation Fun!

APA Manuals

For many students, faculty, and staff, summer is the time to work on research or organizational projects that fell by the wayside during the rush of the academic year. Is finally deciding to improve the way you manage your research citations on your summer to-do list? If so, the Library can help. While we cannot promise that you’ll ever think citations are fun (although it’s possible, believe it or not!), we can help you set up a system that turns them from a dreadful chore into an easy and helpful step in the research process.

The Library provides support for EndNote Web (now free for all users both during and after their UW-Whitewater affiliation) and Zotero (free for everyone).  These citation managers allow you to organize your references and create bibliographies at the touch of a button. They’ll even help you easily store your PDFs in a logical manner!

Contact Ellen Latorraca (EndNote Web guru) or Diana Shull (Zotero evangelist) if you want to cross off this item from your summer to-do list.



About Diana

Diana is the Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian at UW-Whitewater. She can introduce you to a variety of technology to help improve your teaching, learning, research, and professional development. Ask her about Zotero, tea, or technology. She is the liaison librarian to the departments of Psychology and Social Work.
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3 Responses to Summer Citation Fun!

  1. Ellen says:

    What a fantastic photo! Do you have a collection of these manuals in your office, perchance?

  2. Diana says:

    Why yes, I do! Funny you should ask…

  3. Berthine says:

    I thought you were a Zotero zealot!

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