Friday Fun: Armchair travel through the Secret Door!

Journeying via The Secret Door is a bit like slipping down the rabbit hole with Alice at times, especially since the sites you’ll see aren’t always labelled (or may not be labelled in English), but The Secret Door uses Google Maps to offer you glimpses into places near and far, including going underwater at Heron Island (Queensland, Australia/Great Barrier Reef); visiting a classroom in Bunkyo (Tokyo, Japan); staring down Riksveg 890 in Finnmark; attending Calvary Temple Church (Winnipeg, Canada); glimpsing paintings at the Tate Britain (London); admiring the Grand Canyon, and much more.

screenshot of The Secret Door visiting the Grand CanyonWouldn’t you like to visit someplace unexpected today?

Click the lion’s head “door” knocker to visit a new site, and then look around by clicking the arrows or dragging the white shape that appears when you mouse over the image!

Thank you, Anne, for introducing me to this site!

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  1. Becky says:

    This is really cool! I ended up at a couple art museums, a marketing company in British Columbia, and then in a comic book store somewhere unidentified. Interesting stuff!

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