Summer: Numbers Other than the Heat Index

Our friends at Euromonitor, the company that produces Passport GMID sent over some interesting statistics* to take your mind off the lack of rain or sweating:

Market Size Data – Sun Care
Looking to break into the sun care market? Pakistan might be a good choice.

Company Share Data: Ice Cream
I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Nestle? That’s right, Nestle holds the top spot for ice cream in the US market.

Country Data: Air Conditioners
While possession of air conditioning in the US hovers at around 65%, the United Arab Emirates boasts a whopping 94.6% of households with air conditioners. I guess it’s a little more necessary when it’s hot all year round.

You can access the data and analysis on sun care, ice cream, and much more consumer data for over seventy other countries from Passport GMID. There also plenty of other information sources on countries available on our Sources of Business Information: Countries guides.

*posted with permission from the publisher

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