This Disney animated movie is about a young boy named Miguel. His family means everything to him. His family owns a shoe business and for generations have shared the success. Although, Miguel’s great-great-grandfather had abandoned his family for his music career many moons ago. Miguel’s grandma does not allow music in the house because of his disappearance. Miguel loves music, just like his great, great grandfather. In the movie, everyone is celebrating The Day of the Dead. Miguel wants to play the talent show but his family isn’t having it. They will not allow him to indulge in the ‘music’ activities or associate with people who like it. Miguel’s grandma destroys his guitar so he doesn’t have an instrument. He remembers the grave of De la Cruz, which is the musician he looks up to, has his guitar from when he was alive. When he goes to steal the guitar for the talent show, the magic orange leaves sends him to the land of the dead. I won’t go into much detail because it will spoil everything but there is a string of events leading up to the final emotional truth. This movie is by far one of my favorite Disney movies. It’s very emotional, meaning full, and family-oriented. The graphics, color, and animation is spot on. I wouldn’t expect any less from a Disney animation movie. The family aspect of the movie is heartstring-pulling. I recommend this movie 100000000/10. Go watch asap!

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