Dumplin is a movie about a plus-size young lady who is mistaken for the whole world. She believes that since she is not visibly up to the standard that the media has made women feel like they should be at, she feels as though she is not deserving. Dumplin had an Aunt who passed away who she looked up to as another guardian while also being her best friend at the same time. Her aunt loved Dolly Patrin. Dumplin fell in love with her as well, looking up to Dolly as a role model. Throughout the movie, it shows Dumplin’s life with her mom without her aunt, given their relationship is not strong. They fight all the time and have many disagreements. Dumplin ends up falling in love with a man (a co-worker) who she really likes but she believes he could never like her because of her weight and where she came from. He proves her wrong.

This movie was the most relatable movie I have ever seen. I relate to Dumplin a lot.

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