Monsters University

This movie has always been near and dear to my heart. The Monsters Inc. movies are so strong in storyline along with being absolutely hilarious. When Monsters University came out I was so ecstatic. This past weekend I had just rewatched it and was so excited to share my thoughts with you on it.

I feel as though I don’t have to go into detail about it because I’m sure we have all seen it, if not… I’m not going to judge you… but go watch it, you’re missing out on a whole culture my dude.

Long story short this movie is taking place BEFORE the first monsters inc. movie. This is when Mike Wisoskey and Sully meet and shows background on their bond and how they met in college. There is even background on why Randall is so mean and cut off while wanting revenge in the second movie. Mike and Sully go through a fraternity competition while forming their love-hate relationship. Mind, the fraternity isn’t the best ‘athletic’ looking, later to find out their more brains. Their friendship overpowers all the others in the games, to help them win. They go through a huge, interesting adventure and take you along the way. The reason I love these movies so much is that they’re so classic and creative while also being hilarious. I recommend this movie for anyone, especially If you haven’t seen it. It’s also a good rewatch because you’ll realize things the second time that you might not have caught the first time.

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  1. I have never seen this movie and wanted to, and after reading this it has made me want to watch it even more it sounds so good.

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