Dumplin is a movie about a plus-size young lady who is mistaken for the whole world. She believes that since she is not visibly up to the standard that the media has made women feel like they should be at, she feels as though she is not deserving. Dumplin had an Aunt who passed away who she looked up to as another guardian while also being her best friend at the same time. Her aunt loved Dolly Patrin. Dumplin fell in love with her as well, looking up to Dolly as a role model. Throughout the movie, it shows Dumplin’s life with her mom without her aunt, given their relationship is not strong. They fight all the time and have many disagreements. Dumplin ends up falling in love with a man (a co-worker) who she really likes but she believes he could never like her because of her weight and where she came from. He proves her wrong.

This movie was the most relatable movie I have ever seen. I relate to Dumplin a lot.

Addams Family II

Over the Halloween weekend, I went to the movie theater to see The Adams Family II. The night before I took it upon myself to watch the first one again so I went into the movie with a fresh mind and understanding of the plot. The first one gave the storyline of the family trying to find a home for their different, creepy, gruesome, family. In the first movie, it skips ahead to after having their two kids. They are both now teenagers and the boy is getting ready to transition to manhood so the parents invite the whole ‘Addams Family’ over to their new house. Meanwhile, the neighborhood realtor, or as I would call her, the neighborhood Karen. She thinks the Addams family is weird and out of place, she invites herself over to their place and wants to redo their whole house. While she does home makeovers, she’s secretly been planting cameras in the community’s personal homes to watch them and get her way. In the end, the Addams family puts her in her place in their own dynamic and unique creepy way. In The Addams Family II, Wednesday, their daughter is thought to possibly not be biologically an Addam. A scientist sees her at the school science fair and recognizes her magnificent scientific abilities. The scientist sets a lawyer out to see if she could his long-lost daughter. The family is set on vacation around the United States right after the parents find out this information, but they don’t think twice about it because they think Wednesday is playing a prank on them. On the low, Wednesday had nothing to do with it and overheard the conversation. In her own sassy and scientific way, she throws a tantrum the whole time on the trip while this lawyer is trying to find and capture Wednesday to get a DNA test. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out the rest, I wouldn’t want to spoil it. Although this movie series is a classic, I do think the first movie is the best. The second one seemed to drift from the ‘Addams family’ theme they had in the first movie and switched to a more predictable plot. I for sure still recommend this movie, it’s great. 

Monsters University

This movie has always been near and dear to my heart. The Monsters Inc. movies are so strong in storyline along with being absolutely hilarious. When Monsters University came out I was so ecstatic. This past weekend I had just rewatched it and was so excited to share my thoughts with you on it.

I feel as though I don’t have to go into detail about it because I’m sure we have all seen it, if not… I’m not going to judge you… but go watch it, you’re missing out on a whole culture my dude.

Long story short this movie is taking place BEFORE the first monsters inc. movie. This is when Mike Wisoskey and Sully meet and shows background on their bond and how they met in college. There is even background on why Randall is so mean and cut off while wanting revenge in the second movie. Mike and Sully go through a fraternity competition while forming their love-hate relationship. Mind, the fraternity isn’t the best ‘athletic’ looking, later to find out their more brains. Their friendship overpowers all the others in the games, to help them win. They go through a huge, interesting adventure and take you along the way. The reason I love these movies so much is that they’re so classic and creative while also being hilarious. I recommend this movie for anyone, especially If you haven’t seen it. It’s also a good rewatch because you’ll realize things the second time that you might not have caught the first time.