I began working for City 13 this past summer, and it thoroughly has changed my life. A few years ago, my cousin and her fiancé, decided to open up a small business, which turned out to be an escape room. This allowed my cousin and her fiancé to make full use of their creativity and passion towards connecting people. Their business has been open for about 2 years now, and was just recently voted Best Escape Room in Milwaukee. I am proud to be working for a place where families, coworkers, and friends can become closer, while having a blast.

This job has taught me the importance of communicating with customers, and staying organized with room reservation times. I work at the front desk, so a lot of the time, I hold the position of being the first person people see when they walk in. I greet them, sign them in for their game, and get them all set for their adventure. I also help assist with any questions they may have before entering the game floor. I love watching people’s excitement and making sure they are having the best time possible.

If you ever decide you’re up for the challenge, I will happily be the first smiling face you see!!

Make sure to go check out their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/escapecity13/

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