DCP 2019

Here’s to:

the people who have made saying goodbye so hard, to friends old and new, to the best mother a girl could ask for, to running around the Magic Kingdom in the pouring rain wishing you could live forever, to the fastest four months of my life that I wish didn’t have to come to an end, to the endless hugs filled with so much love, to the beautiful faces from around the world my soul was blessed to meet, and to Disney for bringing the greatest people in my life. All I can say is, thank you.

I have been in love with film ever since I could walk, but I never took an opportunity to pursue it. Recently, I decided to really get involved and play around with my new camera.

I think this video really reflects the emotions and experiences I felt while on my DCP. Please check it out, and the rest of my DCP experiences on my Youtube Channel.

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