Derek Wallis (He/Him)

Major: Environmental Science

Emphasis: Natural Science

Year: Senior


  • Photosphere Virtual Tour
  • French and Native Influences on Naming Practices Along the Great Lakes Region


My name is Derek, I am a nature-loving adventurer with a passion for sustainability. When not working at the UWW Sustainability office, I can be found hiking, biking, and immersing myself in different cultures. I also enjoy reading, playing video games, and crafting with my hands. 

I am currently working on the “Photosphere Virtual Tour” project, where I capture 360-degree photospheres and combine them to create immersive and interactive tours. The upcoming tour locations include the Whitewater Effigy Mounds, Koshkonong Effigy Mounds, UWW campus garden, guided and unguided exploration of the prairie and friar woods located north of campus, as well as the pipeline 5 passing through the Mashkiiziibii (Bad River) lands.

For the project titled “French and Native Influences on Naming Practices along the Great Lakes Region,” our approach involves creating a captivating story map that follows the expedition of an explorer. This journey begins in the eastern region, progresses through Wisconsin, and eventually meanders down the Mississippi River, leading all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.  

I will be providing my skills with ArcGIS (ArcGIS pro, ArcGIS online, and ArcGIS story maps) and helping with research if Miles requires.