Dean Wink (He/Him)

Major: Geography

Emphasis: Geology

Minor: Music

Year: Junior



My name is Dean Wink and I am a geology major with a music minor. My undergraduate research with Juk has really propelled my college education and helped me better understand what a career in this field could look like. I have been a part of undergraduate research since my first semester at Whitewater and I haven’t left yet!

I really enjoy music and rocks, obviously, books, video games, spending time with my friends on the drumline or my girlfriend. I also love traveling which is nice since that is a key part of being a geology student. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to Iceland to study as well as do research with Native American and Native Hawai’ian groups.

When I am not in the lab I am usually at the music building on campus practicing since I am a musician and a part of several ensembles. I also work with Juk and TA her Intro to Geology course which I have helped create labs for. I am very passionate about the environment and human rights and have been very fortunate to have been able to defend those things when opposed.