Dr.Prajukti (Juk) Bhattacharyya

Primary Field of Study: Geology



I am a geology faculty. I received my PhD from University of Minnesota in structural geology. I teach both intro and upper level geology courses, including Principles of Geology (GEOLGY 100), Volcanoes (GEOLGY 203), Environmental Geology (GEOLGY 301), Rocks and Minerals (GEOLGY 310), and Structural Geology (GEOLGY 318).

I am deeply involved in doing research with undergraduate students. My research projects range from geochemical analyses of igneous and metamorphic rocks to volcanic activities.  I am also involved in STEM education research, especially in ways to help students learn, and learning assessment.


  • Titled, Connected to the Earth: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange for Advancing Earth Science Learning, the goal of the project is to address issues of conserving and protecting natural resources, rising threats of climate change, and environmental hazards.  We use a team that has a variety of backgrounds and experiences to gain a well-rounded understanding of why these problems exist, and how to best combat them in the most effective and beneficial way for the communities being affected.