Continuing Of Another Mix Up Week!

Hello again everyone!

This post is going to be focusing on the b word that no one wants to hear in weddings, the…….……….………………… BUDGET!

Below is a breakdown of a $10,000 budget. Now this is really hard to stick to, but it is possible to stay at this budget. To do so, think about what you really need. You don’t need everything, you don’t need to have so much that you are overwhelmed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.37.32 AM

There are some very cute and cheap wedding venues that will not cost you $1,250. Do your research and talks to people that have had weddings. Find out what those people liked and didn’t like about. Was it worth the money that they spent? If they could do it again, would they have still chose the same venue?

Try to incorporate a place with food that includes dessert, then you only have to have a small cake. I am doing the generic desserts for the guests, but for the bridal party and the immediate family, there will be cake.

You can plan this wedding yourself! You don’t need a coordinator! Use your bridal party and believe in yourself.

As far as your dress, you are a princess and this is your day. Get what you want but don’t be afford of simple, some of the simplest dresses are the prettiest.

Spend money in the music because it will entertain your guests and they will have so much fun. It will make you so happy to see that all your hard work is making others smile.

Have someone good photography are wedding because you want to be able to have excellent photos to look back on when you are older and want to show your kids.

The rest is up to you, you are the one that is deciding what YOUR day is going to be like. These are just some of my thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great next few weeks!