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Welcome and hello everyone!

I am Valerie Jankowski, currently I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I am studying for my Bachelor of the Arts degree that I will get after graduation in May of this year. My Bachelor of the Arts degree includes a graphic design emphasis and advertising is my minor. Even though I am in Whitewater, WI for college right now, my home is Green Bay, WI. Yes, I am a true hundred percent loyal Green Bay Packers fan. However, I am also a loyal person to graphic design and weddings. I am the person to be writing this blog because I myself have been in a wedding before and I have attended many weddings in the past. I also got engaged to my wonderful fiancé Richard (pictured below) on Valentine’s Day last year, 2016. With that I have been getting my wedding planning started because we are getting married in 2018.


I started this blog because I wanted to combine my two passions of graphic design and weddings. In this blog I will be critiquing work that has been done for weddings, including the themes and how well those themes are portrayed throughout everything in the wedding. These items would include the decorations and how they are set up, the invitations and where the wedding is taken place. The thing that is different about this blog is that it is based on a designer’s perspective.

This blog is meant for people who are in a wedding that is in the near future, which can include, groomsmen, bride mates and of course, the people that are getting married. I want this to be a conversational and learning blog for my viewers. This way people don’t just see what I am posting but also see other people’s posts with the same or different opinions on the different designed aspects of weddings.

Hope you enjoy my blogging!

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