This Week’s Theme is Country!

Personally, I love country anything. Therefore, for my wedding will have a ton of country themed decorations and such. Since I love country and my to be husband loves rock, it took some confusing for this to be the theme of our wedding. However, in the end I did convince him that country was the way to go since I love it and he loves woodworking. Now some of you maybe think what the heck does woodworking have to do with country? Well a lot of signs and decorations are actually made out of wood to give it the rustic look. For example, below are some different examples of wood sign that was made for someone’s special day.

Wood signs for country theme

Wood looks great with signs but there are so many other ways to incorporate wood into your country themed wedding day. Below is an example of how wood could be used for other purposes during a country wedding. In this case they are using this wood buckets to hold different kinds of potato chips. If I were to have these at my wedding, I would fill up the buckets with different flavors of popcorn.

Wood Buckets

Even though there are a lot of aspects to a wedding, it this case for a country wedding you can get it by using rustic things and wood. Lots of both of these will get your county theme across to your guests. I believe that this is a growing theme for weddings now days. However, every bride and bride party can make it his or her own kind of country theme. For example I am planning to do a country wedding but for my fiancé I am going to be putting some touches of rock and roll into the theme. I will be doing this by the music that is being played, which will include country and rock. I will also make the decorations to have a darker side, inside of a bright white color. This is just me though so remember that you make your day what you want it to be!

Thank you for reading about this weeks wedding theme!

Please feel free to add comments, photos and to discuss this country-wedding theme! I would love to hear all of your thoughts of this post and what you would like to see for future posts!

Stay tuned for a post later this wedding relating to the country weddings!