Florals and Celebrations

This weekend is one of my best friends birthdays. I decided to use a BEAUTIFUL floral design from Oh Hello Stationery Co and incorporate the alphabet stickers from my MAMBI value pack. The stickers are easy to write on and are beautiful as matte.


I had a TON going on this week so I wanted a theme that I could add all the events for. It worked out perfectly. I had enough labels and it still wasn’t too crammed. I’m also trying to grow plants at the moment so I featured them as well. These florals are pretty, but not too busy where they are hard on the eyes. The pink, purple, yellow, and blue are very complimentary. It’s hard to believe that the month is already over with this week, but I’m excited to get into May to bring in the bright colors.

This spread will be fun to add some small pictures too after this weekend because it’s my best friends 21st and we went on a small trip away.

On another note, this is my last Friday post unfortunately because I’m going to move to once a week. I will start the once a week after May 13th probably however. I want to finish the semester strong and have to move out. Thank you all for reading and understanding. Until next time, Happy Planning!

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Pink and Periwinkle

Guess who’s back.. back again.. ME!

Last week was insane, but this week is worse. But I tried a new color combination that I was absolutely OBSESSED with! I’m not sure where I got the idea, but I honestly think it was just because they are two of my favorite colors currently. Periwinkle has always been a favorite of mine, dating back to the days of me being obsessed with anything and everything Blues Clues. Bright pink is always a good accent too. 

I wanted to do some minimal decoration that was also functional and also incorporate one of those beautiful big quotes.


The colors are a bit skewed due to lighting, but just go get the rainbow value pack and see the beauty that is. Very simplistic spread, but as you can see I had a lot to get done.

Pink and Periwinkle

Can’t forget to add all the motivation possible to slowly get through the crawl of trying to make it through the last three weeks of the semester. Overall I’m very happy with how this turned out! Stay tuned for Friday for the last of my two a week posts. I will also announce what day I will be moving to of posting content.

If you want more into my planner and other fun things in life follow me on Instagram!

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Looking Ahead..

As you saw in my last post, I was talking about the planner slump. Instead of posting a nice spread and acting like I have it all together, I wanted to follow up the downer post and talk a bit about what is going on within the next few months.

Unless you know me personally and are in my main inner circle, you probably don’t know what’s going on in my life right now. I’m a few weeks away from finishing my second semester as a junior. On top of that, I’ve been thrust into some leadership positions as well as a lot of decisions needing to be made, and fast. The problem with these decisions needing to be made is they are variable based on many other factors out of my control. 

With all the craziness of finishing a semester (finals and projects – BLECH), moving, figuring out what I’m doing for summer, working on stuff for my jobs, planning a huge event, and ultimately preparing for next school year, now is the time I need to be clinging to my planners like a Bible. 

As a I said, I’m in a revamping stage, but it’s getting better. I’m figuring out what works for me. Also, with the end of school comes the choice for me to continue this blog. When I set out on this blog in February I was only thinking of it as an assignment. But alas, it has become so much more. It has become a place for me to share my excitement about planner stuff–especially when everyone around me looks at me like I’m insane. It’s given me a new spark of creativity and want to be in a community that before I used to only watch and not create my own content for. 

With all of that said, in a few weeks I will be still continuing this blog for a foreseeable future. However, posts will no longer be twice a week as that’s a bit for me to keep up as a hobby. I will try to post at least once a week, but that has yet to be determined. 

I wanted to keep you all filled in and I hope you stay with my blog for the coming weeks. Content may change because I will have some more time to write during the summer, and I want to expand a bit past just planners and add reviews about other stationery type products. 


Let me know what you think below and happy planning!

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Planner Slump

We all do it, and it always sucks. We get a few months in of using our planners constantly and consistently, and then after a bit we forget to check it, write in it, and then sometimes completely stop using it.

For the past few weeks this has been me. I always carry it with me, but maybe will look at it twice. I am so busy that I don’t even take the time to look at my planner. I found myself winging it and trying to remember it all, and then I was forgetting to do things or didn’t make the most of my day. I still decorated every week, but I stopped even putting checklists in because I would only write one or two things and then not even fill in Thursday-Sunday.

So here I am telling you all that yes I still use a planner (two matter of a fact), and yes it’s hard. It’s hard to keep up with, but I know I need them in my life. I challenge all of you to work through the slump and find something new and interesting to make you use it again. Don’t totally ditch the planner, but work through it. Some weeks may be easier than others, but there is a reason we all have a planner in the first place–to stay on top of it all.


So if you are like me, and are feeling lost for creativity, your schedule is so busy you don’t have “time” to use your planner, or anything else that is making you feel down.. let’s work through it together!

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Watercolor Sticker Pack

I normally don’t write about products I don’t have simply because I like to be honest and actually review a product, but this is a product I want to purchase soon.


I have many of the MAMBI value sticker packs, but I have seen the Watercolor pack in the original release flip throughs ,but also more recently in the MAMBI Plan With Me. I fell back in love with the book. I don’t need more stickers, but I think that this pack has a lot to offer for the colorful, but useful boxes.

I will probably purchase this pack soon, but for now let’s take a look inside!

Here are the colorful, but useful boxes I was talking about:

PPSV-18_3_grandeAnd here is the gourgeous large clear quotes:


For more information look on MAMBI’s site, but I hope you all love this book as much as I do. It would be great for any spring or summer spread.

Happy planning!


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I finally decided to get a mini happy planner to help separate my social media tracking and school/personal life. I do social media for a band and also write this blog, so I wanted something that would motivate me to work harder rather than it get lost in the shuffle.Cover 2

I chose to get an undated mini happy planner as the new release (March) was all undated, and that ultimately was better than buying a planner already 3 months in. I went with the Well Crafted Life mini because I love blue and it was the one I thought would go with pretty much any decoration and would look nice all year round. I also LOVE silver discs. I understand a ton of people love gold, but personally I am such a silver white and black nut it’s sad.

The inside is clean with black and then little blue and cardboard colored accents.


Here is a look at my first spread.. of course it was rainbow. I hand wrote in the numbers and have been experimenting since.


If you have any questions let me know and happy planning!

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A Quarter of the Year: Part 1


It’s already April, which means we are already into the second quarter of 2017. Time sure has flown. I decided to do a January- March flip through. While many of these pages have already been featured, if you have any questions about a spread or stickers let me know! Enjoy and happy planning.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello April!

With this being the first full week of the month I wanted to show a little bit of my monthly spread. I decided to go with a  bright and floral/springtime feel. Definitely the motivation I need to get through the nasty cold and rainy weather we have had for about a week now. I chose to use blue, pink, yellow and some other bright colors.

April Left

I used the “rad” sticker because I love the word and the color was bright and inspirational. I chose three washi tapes I had that were floral and bright and covered the big chunk of days from last month. The existing colors were blue and pink so I wanted to tie in and compliment them.

April 2017 Planner

On the other side I continued the long strips of washi to tie each side together. I also used a full box sideways from the seasonal value pack. I liked the quote because with rain for me comes little motivation and some sadness, so I needed to reminded of this. I added the adorable umbrella from the seasonal value pack to tie in more of the blue/green.

April quote

Finally, I added a big quote on the side from the Today is the Day Value Pack. With April being the last full month of the semester (how is it already over I’m not totally sure!) I needed some motivation to get all of my school work done while also working the most hours I have all semester.

Overall, this theme was to brighten my planner up and keep me motivated.

Questions? Leave them below, and stay tuned for a quarter of the year feature blog this weekend!

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Breakfast Theme

IMG_5680IMG_5681I am so excited to share this kit I used with you all! I originally bought only the mini weekly kit and sampler page just to try out the paper quality and other features.

I am in LOVE with Oh Hello Stationery Co kits. They are affordable, adorable, and her paper quality in matte is amazing. I have been eyeing the Breakfast theme stickers for some time and I finally got to try them out.


I went with a minimal look and then added the full boxes for some humor. Overall, I like how this turned out because it feels open where I still could add more writing, but also highlights what I needed to get done for the week.

The kit sampler and mini weekly kit come with a wide variety of useful stickers as well as decorative ones. There are little strips like the pink one to the right that have a cute little white stitch border great for writing events on.

There also was a few flags and quarter boxes that add a little fun while also being functional. The colors are bright which was great for a really rainy and cold week where I live. Overall her kits are great to try if you want to try Etsy stickers. I think the breakfast one is cute and can be used pretty much any time of the year. I also tried with my writing working on bolding the down strokes on the first letters to add something different and emphasize certain things.




Question? Leave a comment below!

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Paper Mate Flair Pens

Today I wanted to review a new purchase of mine to try in my planner!

*I am not paid to promote them, but wanted to give my honest opinion

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.17.22 PM

A few days ago I decided to purchase a small pack of Paper Mate Flair pens to try in my planner, because a lot of well known planner people use them and said they love them. 

I normally use Steadler Fineliners, but I have found that because I use them so often I  have worn down the tips in certain colors. To replace them I would have to buy a full new set. So, as you can probably tell, my goal was to eventually switch to using Flair pens because you can buy them in packs or just one off pens at some stores. I was also concerned with bleeding and shadowing if I was to use them especially with the black and blue pens. I bought the five pack of black, blue, red, purple, and green to try out simply because they were the cheapest. 

All I can say is so far I am in LOVE with them! For planners they are just as great as people said they were. The colors come out clean and true to what the casing shows. In my Happy Planner I didn’t have a problem with bleeding or shadowing so far with blue or black. I would totally recommend them to anyone, and I will probably purchase more once I figure out a way to carry them at school easily (Steadler Pens come in a hard plastic case). 

They come in a variety of colors, and even have exclusive collections such as the Candy Pop that Heather just did a review on. I like them because they are a marker pen and the tip is a perfect size (get the medium).

I hope this gave you some insight into the flair pens and happy planning!

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