Peer Mentor is an organization on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus. This organization is affiliated with First Year Experience (FYE).

Below is an interview with Peer Mentor Grace Sinclair

What is the main purpose of your organization?

“The Peer Mentor program aims to provide a welcoming experience for all freshmen and transfer students. This program runs orientation known as Warhawk Welcome and each peer mentor is assigned 20-30 incoming freshman or transfer students to lead around for 2 days. We take them through campus experiences including painting the road purple! Peer mentors also work with a Professor to assist in teaching New Student Seminar which aims to teach freshman or transfer students all about the university and different resources.”

How often does your organization meet? What are your meetings like or about?

“Peer Mentors have staff meetings every other Friday during the fall semester and lead peer mentors (similar to a manager) have meetings on Fridays in the spring as well. During these meetings we discuss activities that we can do in class and problem solve any issues that may have been brought up”

What is the benefit of your organization?

“The organization benefits peer mentors by allowing them to gain leadership skills, get to know the university well, having a paying job, and connecting with freshman or transfer students. The Peer Mentor program benefits the freshman and transfer students by getting them acclimated to the University as well as providing them with a mentor that they can reach out to at any time with questions or concerns.”

What made you join your organization?

“I joined the Peer Mentor program because I wanted to be able to help incoming students the same way my peer mentor helped me. I also wanted to gain more leadership skills.”