Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin is a nationally affiliated organization available for any University of Wisconsin – Whitewater student to join. Aspiring Educators mission is support public education for all students and the continuation of a strong professional association and to provide its members a voice in matters affecting their education and careers. You can follow them on instagram @uwwaspiringeducators

Below is an interview with member Meghan Riel

What is the main purpose of your organization?

“The main purpose of the organization is to give future teachers more opportunities to network with other people and learn things that they would not learn in one of their college classes. Also, we did a lot of volunteering in elementary schools prior to COVID”

How often does your organization meet? What are your meeting like or about?

“Every other Monday at 6pm-7pm online. Prior to COVID it was every Monday at 6pm-7pm in person. The meetings mainly consist of guest speakers that talk about different education topics such as, ESL, teacher resumes, teacher interviews, technology in the classroom, how COVID has impacted teachers, and recent graduates or student teachers come in to talk about their experiences”

What is the benefit of your organization?

“The benefit of the organization is that you get to meet new people and get opportunities with hands-on teaching activities”

What made you join your organization?

“I joined this organization because I wanted to meet new people in the education field and I wanted to get more involved with teaching and volunteering.”